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FIFA Club World Cup Prize Money

Chelsea was the overwhelming favorite for the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup, which was held in Abu Dhabi this week after being postponed due to the FIFA Club World Cup being postponed.

The European champion will take the trophy back to England, which was the only international prize it has yet to win in its history. Kai Havertz’s extra-time penalty kick goal gave it a 2-1 win over South American champion Palmeiras, and it became global champion.
In the last nine tournaments, European competitors have won every single one. The last time a South American team won was against Chelsea in 2012 final, when Corinthians defeated the Blues. Since the event’s inception in 2000, a South American club has won the event four times in total, including the first three editions.
The tournament featured third-place, fifth-place, and seventh-place matches that rewarded the winners with associated prize money.
Place Prize money ($USD)
Winner $5 million
Runner-up $4 million
Third place $2.5 million
Fourth place $2 million
Fifth place $1.5 million
Sixth place $1 million
Seventh Place $500,000