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Happy Lunar New Year

While people all throughout the world count down to midnight on December 31, Asian cultures also celebrate new beginnings during the Lunar New Year, which begins on February 1 in 2022. While Lunar New Year is commonly referred to as Chinese New Year, the holiday is observed in countries throughout Asia and Southeast Asia, including Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Tibet, Mongolia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and lasts for 15 days in the first month of the lunar calendar.
Asian Americans in the United States celebrate Lunar New Year in their own distinctive ways, blending East and West traditions to satisfy our diverse cultural identities. While traveling and spending time with friends and family are key to Lunar New Year, many people are celebrating with their loved ones electronically and navigating time differences via FaceTime, KakaoTalk, WeChat, and Zoom because of the epidemic. Take the Lunar New Year as an occasion to restate your goals and replenish your hopeful spirit for the next year, whether you’re an immigrant, an Asian American, or an ally. After all, the Lunar New Year is all about beginning fresh, purging the negative and accepting the positive, and setting goals for a happy, lucky, and joyful year ahead.
Some traditions during Lunar New Year are:
Cleaning house
Offering greetings
Gathering with family
Giving and receiving red envelopes
Buying new clothes