Soccer field terminology

This post will show you the different parts of the soccer field and the terms that you need to know about a soccer field.

  1. Far Post: The post of the goal furthest away from the play, or the ball. Also, is used for a run that is made by the players when a cross is played in where the player runs to that area in front of the post.
  2. Near Post: See Far Post, but the post closest to the play or the ball.
  3. Sidelines/Touchlines: The borderline of the field where the Linesmen are placed and when the ball is out, a throw-in occurs.
  4. Goal Lines: The borderline of the field on which the goals set.
  5. Goal/ Net: The target on which the teams are attempting to score, consists of goalposts and a crossbar.
  6. Penalty Area/Penalty Box/18-yard box: The bigger box around the goal, in which the goalkeeper is permitted to use his/her hands.
  7. Goal Area/ 6-yard box: The smaller box around the goal where the goal kicks are taken from.
  8. Center Circle: Circle in the middle of the field where the opposing team must stay out of during a kick-off.