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Types of soccer skills terms

These are the soccer terms or techniques used during the game by the players.

  1. Chip: A short kick lofted in the air.
  2. Flick: Where a player quickly and off his/her first touch, hits an already moving ball without trapping it first.
  3. Save: When a player stops an attempt at goal, can be a field player (not using hands), or a goalkeeper (can use hands).
  4. Shielding: Term used to describe when a player places his/her body between the opponent and the ball.
  5. Diving: An attempt by a player to draw a foul, where he/she falls to the ground when no foul was committed or the referee had not seen a foul being committed. Also known as flopping.
  6. First touch/ Trap/ Trapping: The first contact that a player has with the ball. Used with any part of the body, except for the arms, a player receives the ball and brings it under control.
  7. Give and Go/ One-Two/ Wall pass: When a player passes a ball to a teammate and receives the ball back. Usually, it occurs around a player of the opposing team.
  8. Cross A pass, whether on the ground or in the air, that is played across the face of the goal, or into the goal area, giving the team a chance to score.
  9. Slide Tackle: A tackle made on the ground with one foot (legal, two-footed is illegal, also from behind the player is illegal) where the player slides on the surface of play and makes contact with the ball.
  10. One-Touch Soccer: Used for the type of rapid soccer played when the first contact of each player is already a pass to another player. Usually, the ball stays on the ground.
  11. Nutmeg: A skill where the ball is kicked through the open legs of an opponent and controlled on the other side.
  12. Heading/ Diving header: When a player uses their head to control, shoot or pass the ball. A diving header is when the player launches him/herself into the air, closer to the ground towards the ball, and makes contact with his/her head.
  13. Bicycle Kick: The player jumps in the same motion as a backflip, and makes contact with the ball with their feet, shooting the ball behind them.
  14. Scissor Kick: A kick performed in the air when the player jumps in the air with one leg and propels the other leg to make contact with the ball.
  15. Cutback: A sharp movement in the opposite direction when a player is dribbling the ball.
  16. Dribbling: Keeping control of the ball while running using the player’s feet.
  17. Juggle: Keeping control of the ball while it is in the air where all parts of the body are used.