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Tryouts and Evaluations Time!

Sign up for Daniel Island Soccer Academy Tryouts and Ignite Your Soccer Potential!

Calling all passionate soccer enthusiasts! Time is running out to seize a golden opportunity to elevate your skills to new heights. Get ready to ignite your soccer potential at tryouts. With our esteemed coaching staff and unwavering commitment to excellence, this is your chance to make a bold leap from recreational soccer to the competitive arena. 

Prepare to be guided by the exceptional caliber of our coaching staff at Daniel Island Soccer Academy. Led by founder Coach Ed Khouri, and supported by a team of accomplished coaches including Stephen Khouri, Patrick Khouri, Erik Cobb, Blake Easterling, Alex Riviere, and Austin Higginbotham, we are unwavering in our pursuit of your soccer success! This is a rare and exclusive chance to absorb the wisdom and mentorship of these highly regarded coaches.

Elevate Your Skills with Our Commitment to Player Development:

At DISA, we are abundantly aware that time is of the essence when nurturing talent. Our Junior Academy Program is meticulously tailored to propel players from an amateur level to a competitive one. Our revered coaches provide personalized training, honing in on individual skill development and fostering seamless team dynamics. 

The Doorway to Success:

Time is of the essence! We implore you to seize the moment and be part of our upcoming tryouts. This is not just a chance, it’s an opportunity to showcase your exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and indomitable commitment to the sport. Every position is pivotal, whether you excel as a striker, midfielder, defender, or goalkeeper. Our tryouts will be a thrilling platform for you to demonstrate your abilities and secure your place among the elite within our academy.

Why Choose Daniel Island Soccer Academy Right Now?

  1. Superior Coaching: Our coaching staff’s unparalleled expertise and success have a limited window of opportunity available. Now is the time to learn from the best and propel your skills to unimaginable heights.
  2. Competitive Environment that Ignites: Being a part of DISA means thriving in a community of like-minded players who aspire to greatness with an unmatched intensity and commitment.