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DISA Shines at DSC Rock Hill Classic

This past weekend saw three of our DISA teams travel up to Rock Hill to participate in the 2014 DSC Rock Hill Classic. Day one saw all three teams post superb results against many of the top teams from North and South Carolina. Day two of the tourney saw all three teams secure a spot in the finals. Notable results from the weekend:

U10 Spurs – Under 10 boys White CHAMPIONS

U10 Celtic – Under 10 boys Green CHAMPIONS

U12 United – Under 12 boys White FINALISTS

Top (L to R): Coach Jonathan, Ethan, Brayden, Julian, Matthew, Porter, Aiden, Allen Front (L to R): Ty, Zach, Jay, Mikey, Noah
U12 Finalists DISA United
TOP (L to R): Coach Erik, Luke, Chase, Hudson, Zac, FRONT (L to R): Ben, Bryan, Anders, Chad, Miles, Evan
U10 White Division Champions DISA Spurs
DISA Shines at DSC Rock Hill Classic
U10 Green Division Champions DISA Celtic

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